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A Note from Chandra Jayne

Teaching has always been a passion of mine, even as a little girl. Since the age of 8, I dreamed of my very own classroom and now have been in the classroom for over ten years – beginning as a kindergarten and first grade teacher and more recently at the collegiate level where I share my passion with students in their teacher licensure programs. It truly is a dream job. I am originally a Midwest gal (Go Buckeyes!) but my husband and I moved south so I could pursue a Masters degree in Elementary Education from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. And we’ve been here ever since!

If you have found this little corner of the web because you feel tired and overworked in your classroom – welcome! I know how you feel. In my first few years of teaching, I spent long hours and long weekends in my classroom. I often worked so hard that I ended up sacrificing time with my friends and family because of it. I was losing my drive and decided to make a big change. My new goal was to let the children drive my instruction, to build unique lessons without a teacher’s manual in sight, and to intentionally organize small group and individual time with my students. My room quickly became one of my favorite places to be - full of exploration, organization, creativity, and dance parties!

Chandra & her familyI have accomplished a lot in my teaching career. I won Teacher of the Year in 2012, and wrote blog posts and lesson ideas that have been found on notable websites such as Moonbot Studios, Trudy Ludwig, and Continental Press. But it wasn’t until I became a mom to our two children, that I realized how the focus shifts as a teacher when you try to balance out the parenting role as well. I wanted to create a space that would help teachers in their balancing act as parents, spouses, and friends. And I am so happy you’ve found it! To keep me organized and efficient with these new goals, I started to create sheets, forms, and paper products so that I could work smarter in the classroom and get home in time to make dinner. This is how the Teacher Anchor was born – an intentional lesson planner and student progress monitoring tool to help you stay on top of your time and your plans. I realized that when I had time to go and do more of the things I loved outside of the classroom, I was energized with a joyful heart inside the classroom.

C. Jayne Teach is a place to give a fresh perspective to teachers everywhere by encouraging you to work smarter, organize your plans and focus on making each day count.

I hope you’ll find a classroom solution within the shop to meet your needs. Check out the free downloads library for lots of great resources and printable standards and checklists for you. And don’t forget the blog offers creative ideas, unique lesson suggestions, and life organizational tips that will keep your focus right where it needs to be.

Thank you so much for being here,


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